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John James Nielson

Born April 23, 1924. Winter Quarter, Utah to Joseph Henry Nielson and Florence May Hall.  He was the youngest of 6 children.  His siblings Veda 11, Helen (Ellen) 10,  Joe (Joseph) 7,  Ethel 4, and Jack 3 when he was born.

    John's father Joseph Henry Nielson

John's mother Florence May Hall Nielson

Florence died July 20, 1924.  Three months and 27 days after John was born.  Because Joseph had 5 other children Joseph sent John to Mary Ellen Hall his grandmother to live.

The Hall family
Florence was the youngest girl and Eva was the oldest daughter.   James, Tom and Harry were Florence's brothers.  Mary Ellen Pearson Hall, mother and John Hall, father .  Fred Hall died May 22, 1885 the same year he was born.  Joseph Pearson Hall died  Sept 9th 1889 three years after his birth. 

The Jen James  and Christine Marie Smith Nielson Family
Ida, Neils, Mary, Jens (deceased 9th of March 1889 at the age of 4), Christian, Joseph ( John's Father), Jennie, & Caroline. 

Helen, Veda, Sonny, Jack, Florence and John

 Jack, Helen, John and Ethel Nielson

About a year after Grandma Nielson died Grandpa remarried Jeanetta Gibson.  April 20, 1925.  She was a wonderful lady.  She loved the children and was not able to stay with Grandpa Nielson.  Grandma Jeannie had been married and her husband Amil had died in 1923.  Jeannie married Joseh April 20. 1926.  She later devorced Grandpa but never forgot the children.  She married Frank Mentel Taylor the 1st of August in 1963,  The family always went to Salina to visit them.  They were very kind to us.
Jeannetta Gibson, Johnson, Nielson, Taylor.  Passed away August 30, 1981

Picturs of the old Chruch of Jesus Christ of Ladder-Day-Saints Castle Gate, Utah
John was Baptized and Confirmation, Oct. 2, 1932 By L. Earl Christensen

The new LDS chapel as remembered by the family

John was on the Carbon High Baseball Team

and Basketball Team.  In 1949 the Helper American Legion basket ball team won the Helper City leaque championship during the first year of the league, which he was a part of.  

Graduated from Carbon High School, May 21, 1943, Price, Carbon, Utah.  

Enlisted in the U.S, Navy, May 24, 1943, As Radar & Blinker Operator


 Married Thelma Lee Nielson, September 30, 1944 -- In Preston Idaho, at the court house while on leave.  They took the bus the night of the 29th and then married on the 30.

This is the motel they stayed in when they were married. 

The new Franklin County Court House in Preston Idaho.
(taken in 2001)  in Preston Idaho.  Laura Ann Norton and    drove Jim and Thelma to Preston Idaho.

September 1, 1945  John completed the Navy Training Course.   884 75 92 RdM3c(T), USNR for Radarman Second Class with a mark of 3.2, and all required practical factors for Petty Officer Second Class and for the rating of Radarman Second Class n accordance with articles D-5202 Bureau of Naval Personnel Manual, is awarded this certificate this 1st day of September 1945. 

Came home on leave December 8, 1944

  John and Thelma 

February 25, 1947 Jack Nielson, Johns older brother died. 
Jack Nielson

John and Jack Thorpe (cousin) at Jack's grave.

Discharged from U.S. Navy, June 30, 1947

First Son Born,  July 20, 1947, Richard Nielson

Richard Passed Away July 21,1947, Price, Carbon, Utah

Johns father died April 3 1950 in Price, Carbon, Utah.

Thelma was baptize on November 1947, in Price, Utah.  Was baptised at the LDS Tabernacle

 Frist Daughter Born, November 4, 1949, Barbara Irene Nielson 
Irene was after her grandmother Irene Hamelwright

John's father died Joseph Henry Nielson died the 3rd of April 1950.  Thelma tells the story of him always bringing her a candy bar.  He love Barbara and only had 5 months to enjoy her.

In 1952 the Bureau of Mines certified John in First-Aid Training to the injured.

Second Daughter Born, August 25, 1952, Linda Lee Nielson.  With her grandmother
Irene Hamelwright'  Lee was after her grandfather Lee Morrison.

Third Daughter Born, January 6, 1954, Carole Jo Nielson

Jo was after her grandfather Joseph Henry Nielson

Aaronic Priesthood—---Teacher, March 4, 1956 By Stanley R. Judd
Melcksnic Priesthood –Elder, May 27, 1956 By Stanley R. Judd
                                     --High Priest 

Ordained and set apart as Bishop of Spring Glen Ward, August  26, 1956

Stanley Judd and his wife Elva

Ordained a High Priest by El Ray L. Christiansen

Endowment and Sealing to Thelma Lee Morrison, June 8, 1956   Manti Temple

Became a Elder Quorm President

Ordained and set apart as Bishop of Spring Glen Ward, August  26, 1956

 By El Ray L. Christiansen (Asst. to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostle                                                                                                                                                                         

(President Of the LDS Church was Pres. David O’McKay)  

Members of the Bishopric:  Edward Simms 1st Councilor, Bishop John J Nielson, Howard Goodrich 2nd Councilor, and Peter Jones Executive Secretary

Ground breaking ceremony of the first LDS Church in Spring Glen, Utah.  Bishope John J Nielson with former Bishops:  James Calvin Taylor, Leonard Roundy, and Stanly Judd.

New Counselors:  Howard Goodrich, John J Nielson Bishop and George Bell

The new Spring Glen Church.
Dedicated Spring Glen Ward, April 30, 1961:  Started March 28, 1959:

Dedicated by Elder LeGrand Richards.  We were honored to have him in our home.

November 8, 1958  John was elected to a member of Carbon County on District #2. Board of Education.
Elections were held on November 4, 1958.

Second son born, , Oct 12, 1960,  John Nielson

First Fureral was Howard Joe Goodrich
First young man to be ordained was Greg Bell

First Blessing was John Nielson son of Bishop John J. and Thelma Nielson

 John and Thelma

                                                   Dad worked on the Scolfield Dam

                                                 Barbara, Linda and Carole (abt 1957)

                                                               Barbara, Linda Carole
(abt 1958)

In 1970  we had an Indian Replacement Student live with us, "Nanny Mae".

Set apart as 2nd Councelor in the Carbon North Stake Center (by President Boyd  Packer)

                                              Mom, Barbara, Linda, Carole, John  (1973)

Before 1977 this pictures as taken of the brothers and sisters of John J. Nielson
Veda, Helen, Joseph or Joe, Ethel and John

Joe died June 16, 1978

Linda holding Sue Jill in front and Greg in between Mom and Dad.  Carole next to Linda, Pamela in front with Grandma Great holding Adam.  Center Mom and Dad.  Barbara with Nicole in front with Michele, and holding Camie.  Grandma Great Hamelwright end.

 Helen died in November on the 22nd, 1987
 Helen married Willford Houghton

20th of June 1993 Dads oldest sister died.  Veda Nielson Rollins.
                         Husband Charles Latayeyye

                                                         1989 Dad and Mom  taken at
                                                      Grandma Great 90th Birthday Party

Set apart as Bishop of the Spring Glen Ward  for the 2nd time

Set apart as Branch President of the Scofield Branch Scofield, Utah

                   Mom and dad 50th Anniversary.  Carole, John, Mom, Dad,. Barbara, Linda   (1994)

                              Pamela, Sue, Kadee, Jill, Cami,Nicole, Michele, Greg
                              Randy, Lisa,  Jenny Chris, chad, Richard Blake, Adam
                                  Erin, Nathan, Natalie   Barbara playing the piano


John and Thelma 

John and Thelma moved to Davis County.  John lived with his daughter family, Gardell and  Carole Grundvig.  Thelma lived at Rocky Mountain Care Center in Clearfield.

Thelma and John 2000

John  was put in as Choister for the Rocky Mountain Care Center

While at the Care Center the residence would worked on Jewelry for Desert Industry.  They would place each piece of jewelry  in a little plastic bag.  Dad loved the watches.  He would buy the watches for very little and then he would take them to the Jewelry Store, get them fixed, and then give them to people.

 Mom loved Dad and Dad loved Mom

A rainy night John  passed away on July 25, 2003, in Clearfield, Utah at the Rocky Mountain Care Center.   Viewing was at the Mitchell Furneral Home and the Furneral was at the Spring Glen Chapel.  He was buried at the Price Cemetery.

 Thelma passed away November 25, 2003

Ethel died January 25, 2010. 

John's favorite quote  "It's A Great Day In America".

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